Blueprint CCNA 200-125

1.0 Network Fundamentals

1.1 Compare and contrast OSI and TCP/IP models

1.2 Compare and contrast TCP and UDP protocols

1.3 Describe the impact of infrastructure components in an enterprise network

  • 1.3.a Firewalls
  • 1.3.b Access points
  • 1.3.c Wireless controllers

1.4 Describe the effects of cloud resources on enterprise network architecture

  • 1.4.a Traffic path to internal and external cloud services
  • 1.4.b Virtual services
  • 1.4.c Basic virtual network infrastructure

1.5 Compare and contrast collapsed core and three-tier architectures

1.6 Compare and contrast network topologies

  • 1.6.a Star
  • 1.6.b Mesh
  • 1.6.c Hybrid

1.7 Select the appropriate cabling type based on implementation requirements

1.8 Apply troubleshooting methodologies to resolve problems

  • 1.8.a Perform and document fault isolation
  • 1.8.b Resolve or escalate
  • 1.8.c Verify and monitor resolution

1.9 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot IPv4 addressing and subnetting

1.10 Compare and contrast IPv4 address types

  • 1.10.a Unicast
  • 1.10.b Broadcast
  • 1.10.c Multicast

1.11 Describe the need for private IPv4 addressing

1.12 Identify the appropriate IPv6 addressing scheme to satisfy addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN environment

1.13 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot IPv6 addressing

1.14 Configure and verify IPv6 Stateless Address Auto Configuration

1.15 Compare and contrast IPv6 address types

  • 1.15.a Global unicast
  • 1.15.b Unique local
  • 1.15.c Link local
  • 1.15.d Multicast
  • 1.15.e Modified EUI 64
  • 1.15.f Autoconfiguration
  • 1.15.g Anycast

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[Loker IT] Network Engineer – Jakarta Barat

Dibutuhkan 3 orang Network Engineer untuk PT Nusa Network Prakarsa/

Penempatan di Cengkareng – Jakarta Barat

qualification :

  • Installation & Manage an enterprise network infrastructure which cover network conectivity(LAN,WAN etc)
  • Installtion & Manage network equipment like router , switches , firewall , wireless controller, intrusion prevention system , load balancer , wan opti etc
  • working knowledge of data and voice , routing and switching protocols
  • knowledge of cloud networking will be an advantage
  • at least 2 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position
  • Preferred certification : CCNA/JNCIA (Junior NE) , JNCIP/CCNP ( Sr NE)

Sedikit info nya :

  • Yang jelas salary tergantung sertifikasi,pengalaman dan kontribusi
  • jam kerja 8:30-16:30 tp engineer flexible 😀
  • dapat asuransi kesehatan
  • tunjangan pendidikan/training & sertifikasi
  • untuk junior ne akan di arahkan untuk spesialis ke security, collaboration, wireless
  • banyak perangkat (router,switch,firewall/utm,wlc, collaboration,server dll) untuk ngelab/belajar jadi insya Allah bisa untuk belajar mendalami networking
Semoga ada yang berminat.

Bila ada yang tertarik silahkan send CV nya ke email:, untuk salary bisa di tanyakan pas interview.

Source: Mailing List ID-Networkers Post by: M. Taufik Romdony <>